Rawblade was born in 2019 from years of experience in the medieval industry and ecommerce. We are manufacturers of high quality medieval products intended for LARP, historical reenactment, SCA, events and fairs. We are a close-knit team characterized by creativity and initiative. From our designs to our philosophy as a company, in Rawblade we do not believe in the word impossible and all our items are created from the illusion, love and traditional methods, with innovative and modern designs inspired by the universes that motivate us, from historical periods to comics and role playing games, through the latest movies and series released.

quality based on tradition

Rawblade is committed to proximity and authenticity, and we strive to use materials originating from our region from the leather we use to the fabrics passing through the buckles and rivets. Our main workshop is located in Alcoy, Alicante (Spain), a city with a long tradition of both textile production and medieval history.

our team