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Your personal data (e.g. title, name, adress, e-mail-adress, telephone number, bank account data, credit card number/data) are being processed along Spanish LOPD (Protection data Law) data protection laws only. The following instructions will only inform you on the form, range, purpose, processing and use of personal data. This declaration of data privacy does only apply to the websites of Rawblade S.L. with VAT number ESB42657890, If you are being forwarded to another site, please inform on the privacy policy yourself.



Your personal data is used, if not possible otherwise for the contracts fulfill, only for the contract between Rawblade and you, as the customer. We need name and adress to ship the ordered articles to your warehouse and need to forward them to the shipping company in order for them to find you. We will not pass your personal data to any third company or person.

After the contracts fulfill, the data is being locked for further purposes. The data is being erased after the tax- and trade relevant time period, but for if you have agreed to have it stored otherwise.



For advertisement, market research and suited customer presentation purposes we develop anonymous user profiles, by using pseudonymisized customer data. Customer data includes all data on the beginning and end of the customers use of our website, browsing and purchasing habits. You may always disagree with the use of those data. The user profiles will never be linked to your personal data.



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You have the right to disclosure on all stored information concerning your personal data or psyeudonym. You may also ask to have those data erased or blocked. The information will be given to you, when you write to:

Rawblade S.L.


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03802 Alcoy

To contact us via email use:

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